Our Teachers

All the teachers are qualified and experienced and their first language is French. At Ma Première École, we voluntarily limit the number of children per adult in order to promote the quality of relationships and learning. (1 adult for 7 children instead of 8).

Management Team

Carole is the founder, owner and Managing Member of Ma Première École. She will serve as the center director as well as an early childhood educator and teacher. She is a seasoned early childhood educator and is registered to the College of Early Childhood Educators (ECE) in Canada.

She has spent her entire professional career in Early Childhood Education, she comes from France and her mother tongue is French.

Manager in Kindergartens and pre-schools Teacher in early childhood education for many years in France.

Part time teacher in a pre-school in Toronto French tutor of 15 students from 3 to 15 years old in Toronto.

Has developed pedagogical projects based on experiential and interactive learning with children from 1 to 12 years old.
Julie, Early childhood educator with a degree in education from a French university (IRTS, Poitiers, France). Julie has several years of experience in France and in Canada in Francophone centers and daycares.

Julie is dynamic and passionate about her job. She seeks to renew itself regularly to offer the best to children. She likes to take part in the individuality of each child. She offers each of them the opportunity to express their needs and wants.

She supports children in their development, with a particular interest in learning French by offering song, reading, yoga and manipulation workshops.
Marie-Laure is an educational assistant born in France with professional training as a nursing assistant and worked in the health field in France. Marie-Laure also holds a diploma as a licensed practical nurse from Quebec. She is delighted to be able to accompany the children in their evolution within the school and to pass on to them the taste of the French language Her passions: travel, music.
Sophie is an assistant educator at Ma Première École. Originally from France, she completed her studies there and obtained a nursing assistant diploma. She worked in the healthcare sector in France, but today she is driven by a deep passion for education and the well-being of others. Sophie is a radiant person, full of energy and always ready to share her enthusiasm. She is passionate about sports and travel, which enriches her educational approach and allows her to bring a unique and dynamic perspective to her role as an educational assistant.
Nolwenn, a special-needs teacher from France is delighted to become a part of the Ma Première École team, bringing her passion for nurturing children's growth in a playful and attentive environment. Her teaching style combines patience and attentive listening, essential for supporting every aspect of a child's development. She believes in making French language learning fun and engaging, and plans to infuse the curriculum with her love for sports, travel, and hiking to enrich the children's educational journey.
Clara is an educational assistant who works at Ma Première École for Employee Replacements or during summer camps. Clara was born in France and her native language is French. Clara is very dynamic and sporty, she likes to offer sports activities, group games to children. She is passionate about animals and knows how to communicate her passion to children. She worked in an early childhood structure for 2 years as a substitute and regularly teaches French to children aged 3 to 12.
Philippe our Music teacher
Philippe is a singer and musician for children, he comes from France and has lived in Canada for 20 years. He made his own recordings. He offers children circles in songs, the discovery of musical instruments, the discovery of rhythms. He tests the imagination of children with animated songs like a real little show.
Yuliya our Yoga Instructor
Yuliya is a certified yoga instructor from Little Yogis Academy with a minor in French Studies from Glendon College. She has been practising yoga for over 10 years and loves sharing its benefits with children of all ages. She believes that introducing children to yoga and mindfulness early on will help them grow into healthier and happier adults. Through healthy movement and breath awareness, children learn how to manage stress and control their emotions, build concentration, increase their confidence and develop a positive self-image, all within a non-competitive group environment. Yuliya enjoys cooking, reading, dancing, singing, listening to music and speaking French.