A tailor-made program entirely in French

A tailor-made program is at the base of a set of methods that all come under what is known as "experiential learning" or performance observation, which means "learning by doing" . It is developed according to the four foundations of learning as identified in the ministerial document: How do we learn?

Children are engaged in situations based on their specific areas of interest. Enlargement of vocabulary and grammar structures through books, videos, various activities, songs, poems, recipes, role plays, games ... My First School creates a living environment in which the child speaks French. All employees interact only in French throughout the day. Workshops and activities, various games, exercises are only delivered in French. Particular attention is given to the book, the reading, the story told in French. That's why each class has a cozy and welcoming reading / library area so everyone can enjoy reading. Workshops on reading (invent a story, finish a story told by the adult, talk about a reading and invite others to share the book ...) are set up according to the schedule of the day established.